450 Bushmaster 458 SOCOM Monolithic Core suppressor is constructed from 4130/4140 Series Chromoly steel bar and seamless tubing. The mount, baffles and cap are machined from one solid piece of 4140 chromoly alloy steel bar. The outer tube of seamless aircraft grade chromoly is Tig Weld sealed on to the one piece full core. The barrel mount, baffle system and front cap are machined from one solid bar, making it a true Extreme Duty Monolithic Core suppressor. Our core design allows for prolonged engagements with full auto fire.  We are sure you will agree there is no other silencer on the market that can match the Hughes Precision Extreme Duty line up.

DO NOT fire this suppressor with any foreign material inside. This suppressor is designed to operate completely DRY. Introduction of liquids, greases or other foreign materials can cause abnormal pressures and must NEVER be used. Any resultant damage is not covered under warranty.
The 450 Bushmaster 458 SOCOM suppressor is designed to operate within SAAMI or NATO pressure specifications. It is not intended to be used with handloaded or other ammunition that exceed SAAMI or NATO pressure specifications.

All muzzle attachments, including suppressors, will change barrel harmonics and standing waves resulting in slight change in point of impact with the device in place. The degree of change in the point of impact will vary with the specific weapon and both the rigidity and metallurgy of the barrel. When used with standard weight varmint, law enforcement or military grade barrels, there will be no
detrimental effect on group size. This suppressor is effective in manifestly reducing the sound of the muzzle blast, making it difficult for an observer to determine the origin of the shot and reducing the need for shooter hearing protection. There is no way of eliminating the
ballistic crack (sonic boom) of the projectile traveling downrange.