The 50 Beowulf caliber direct thread mount suppressor is the professional of Beowulf suppressors.  We have been building the highest quality suppressors for law enforcement and sportsmen for 10 years. Our company has been built on quality, integrity and customer satisfaction. Performance in soundaccuracy and recoil reduction is paramount to the Hughes product line.

The 50 BEOWULF direct thread mount suppressor is constructed from 4130/4140 Series Chromoly steel bar and seamless tubing. The mount, baffles and cap are machined from one solid piece of 4140 chromoly alloy steel bar. The outer tube of seamless aircraft grade chromoly is Tig Weld sealed on to the one piece full core. The barrel mount, baffle system and front cap are machined from one solid bar, making it a true Extreme Duty Monolithic Core suppressor. Our core design allows for prolonged engagements with full auto fire. Hughes suppressors will last many times longer than most competitors “Stamped Baffle”designs.  We are sure you will agree there is no other silencer on the market that can match the Hughes Precision Extreme Duty line up.

Noise reduction is equal or better than, the big name brands we tested side by side with, same day, same gun, same ammo, same operator, we tested with the BK 2209 sound meter to mil-spec meter positioning.


Caliber Rated:                         50 Beowulf


Non-Suppressed Sound:            +172 db

Average Suppressed Sound;        129 dB         12″ Barrel   335 grain Alexander Ammo

Average db Reduction                 – 45 db           A 25-30 decibel reduction is actually a 1,000x reduction in actual sound pressure level.

Length:                                        10.5″

Diameter:                                     1-5/8.” 

Weight:                                        34 oz

Material:                                      4140/4130 Chrome Moly Alloy Steel

Finish:                                         Black Dura-Coat

Mount:                                         Thread Mount 49/64″ X 20 TPI