In general, suppressors require very little maintenance. We do not recommend cleaning the mono-core baffle stack of any of our centerfire suppressors. Although they may look dirty, the small amount of carbon buildup inside is both normal, and beneficial. It will actually make the suppressor slightly quieter.

What does have merit is cleaning the mounting surfaces of the suppressor. We recommend cleaning the mount of suppressors every 250-300 rounds. Clean any carbon build-up from the components with a brush and lubricate with any high temp grease. This will keep the thread mount functioning properly.

The exterior surface of your suppressor should be maintained the same as any other firearm. Wipe with a light coat of gun oil to clean, restore, and protect the external finish of our suppressors. Blowing out the suppressor with compressed air will keep internal surfaces dry and also remove some unburned powder, carbon buildup, etc.