We all want to know what is the TOTAL Bottom line cost for buying an SUPPRESSOR direct from HUGHES PRECISION is going to be. Here is our best attempt to give you a total cost. Remember that it will vary by state and local requirements and this list is intended to serve as an estimate, not as an all inclusive list encompassing every possibility in every situation. Therefore we can not guarantee that your buying experience will work out financially exactly the same.

(1)   Cost of the SUPPRESSOR and any accessories you purchase from us.

(2)   FREE shipping and insurance from us to your local in-state dealer, if you don’t buy it from an in-state stocking dealer.

(3)   $200 one time transfer tax for EACH NFA item EVERY TIME YOU BUY ANOTHER ONE. There is no annual fee.

(4)   Local Class 3 dealer charge, generally $50 – $150 but actual fee is between you and the dealer you workout. Different local in-state dealers charge different fees and also offer varying degrees of service. It’s between you and your dealer. Stocking Dealers generally charge no fee since they are buying from us at wholesale and selling to you at MSRP.

(5)   Local CLEO fee for finger prints. Some charge, some don’t.  (for example our local CLEO charges $10.00)