Hughes Precision Products center-fire suppressors are constructed of 100% 4130/4140 Chromium molybdenum steel. As such there is little concern about corrosion (your gun barrel is made of this stuff) from the products of combustion of the propellant gases. We have found no need for cleaning the inside of the suppressor. We strongly advise against such efforts or the immersion in solvents. Solvents will not drain completely and residual liquid may cause unexpected pressure peaks which can damage the unit. The high flame temperature burns out the majority of any remaining powder residues.
All threads, mounting surfaces and alignment surfaces should be inspected and remain clean. They may be cleaned with a brass or nylon brush dipped in mild solvent.
Unlike firearms, its neither necessary nor desirable to clean center-fire suppressors. It is acceptable to blow out particulate matter with high pressure compressed air. DO NOT under any circumstances, attempt to pass a cleaning patch through the suppressor.