Colt 1911-22

Colt 1911-22…is manufactured by Walther…which is owned by Smith & Wesson and is based off of a specialized 1911 frame designed by Umarex, which is known for Airsoft guns.

In the dog world, this would be called a “mutt.” Don’t let its odd pedigree fool you; this gun is as awesome of a pet as your faithful Schnoodle.

Let’s start from the very beginning here: Umarex manufactures and sells a Replica Colt Government 1911 pistol that is made to shoot 9mm blanks.

Walther then takes that gun and works it over so that it will fire .22LR. They ship it off to Colt, via Umarex who throws it into one of their branded boxes and then sends it out to distributors.

Due to the lack of recoil produced by blanks, to make a gun shoot them you have to lighten every aspect of the gun as much as possible.

Coincidentally, that’s the exact same thing you have to do with .22 conversions as well!

In this case, they lightened the slide just enough to support the rimfire cartridges but added some heft to the handle to compensate. The end result is a gun that weighs almost the same as a normal 1911.

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