Ruger 22 Charger Pistol

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Ruger 22 Charger Pistol. Comes with bipod. Shown with aftermarket TruGlow multi-color reflexive dot scope and Ruger BX-25 extended magazine.
The 22 Charger pistol, first introduced in late 2007, is a pistol based on the 10/22 action. The Ruger 22 Charger Pistol originally came with a black laminated wood pistol stock with forend, a 10-inch (254 mm) matte blued heavy barrel, a bipod, and a Weaver style scope base in lieu of iron sights. Overall length is just under 20 inches (510 mm), making it quite large for a handgun. As it has an included bipod it is likely to be used from a shooting bench or table. The bipod attaches to a sling swivel on the stock fore-end and is easily removable. Due to technical features, such as the magazine being outside the pistol grip, the Ruger 22 Charger Pistol is not legally available in some U.S. states. The Ruger 22 Charger Pistol was later discontinued. It was reintroduced in December 2014, with a brown laminate stock with a M16A2 style pistol grip, 10-inch threaded barrel, picatinny rail, 15-round magazine and adjustable bipod. At the same time a “Takedown” model was introduced with a green laminate stock. Both models were later offered from September 2015 with black polymer stocks.