Umarex 1911-22

Umarex Model 1911A1 is made in Germany by Carl Walther GmbH and sold in the U.S. through Umarex USA. The guns even have their own dedicated website, as there are three different versions available, Government Model, Rail Gun (with Picatinny rail), and a Gold Cup Trophy Target Model. The Rail Gun and Gold Cup have target triggers, skeletonized hammers, and different sights than the standard Government Model.

Compared to other .22 semi-autos in the medium frame class, like the excellent Walther P22, the Colt’s recoil spring is too light for a gun the size of a 1911A1. The Colt .22 Government Model actually feels more like a .177 caliber air pistol (which Umarex also makes) than a .22 LR cartridge gun. Aside from that, mechanically there were zero faults with operation; the magazines are easy to load and handle, empties drop freely with a modest press of the release button, and the slide drops effortlessly when reloading.

For today’s target work, plinking, and recreational shooting the .22 LR is still the best

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