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1/2″-28 to 1/2″-28 TPI BARREL EXTENSION 1-1/2″ Long  – 3/4″ Diameter Body

Designed for use on all 1/2″-28 threaded barrels

This barrel extension fits 1/2″-28 threaded barrels, the most common use for this adapter is on AR Style rifles in 5.56/.223, when installed it extends the barrel length by 1-1/2″  to get that little extra length you need for some suppressors and devises to clear the hand guard. To install the Threaded Barrel Adapter, all you have to do is unscrew your thread protector, break or other devise/accessory and then replace it with this adapter which will give you a 1-1/2″ extension to your barrel length and provides a 1/2-28 thread on the end of the barrel. You are now ready to attach any devise/accessories that fits the 1/2-28 threaded barrel Adapter Extension. Material used is the same as gun barrels 4140 Chromoly Steel alloy with Black Oxide (hot blued) Finish

Hughes Precision makes the pieces fit. This extension adapter will give you the extra length in front of your hand guard allowing you to mount sound suppressors or muzzle accessories that use 1/2-28 U.S. standard threading . The Hughes Precision Threaded Barrel Adapter Extension is precision made to ensure concentricity and axial thread alignment key in avoiding dangerous baffle strikes.

For use with cartridges up to and including 9MM & .357 caliber.

Most often used to Extend threads on AR Style Barrels in 5.56/.223

Bore = .374″

This Threaded Barrel Adapter is compatible with our 1/2-28 thread protectors

All Hughes Precision Products LLC muzzle devices are threaded to Class 2B thread specifications and qualified with certified gauges.  

We pride ourselves in keeping all of our work in house where quality and processes can be managed closely.

We are not a “cottage” business.  We manufacture suppressors, barrel thread adapters and thread protectors full time and pride ourselves on having attention detail rivaled by few and the absolute best customer service in the industry.  We never stop the pursuit of manufacturing to the highest quality possible.

Manufacturer:  Hughes Precision Products LLC

Manufactured From High Quality 4140 Alloy Steel With Hot Blued Finish.

All of our products are manufactured IN HOUSE.

Hughes Precision Products is a  licensed FFL type 7 – NFA class 2, manufacturer.

Made In Michigan U.S.A.