Colt M4-22, HK 416, Umarex 416 or MP5-A5 .22 Adapter – SKU#069


Threaded Barrel Adapter for use with rimfire SOUND SUPPRESSORS or other muzzle devices.

Colt M4-22 HK Walther Umarex416 or MP5-A5 .22 Barrel Adapter

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Threaded Adapter      HK; 416      Colt M4-22;   Umarex416;   MP5-A5 .22;

Threaded adapter;   M8 X .75 to 1/2

HK, Walther, Umarex 416, Colt M4 or MP5-A5 .22 Barrel Adapter  – M8 X.75 to 1/2 X 28 Now your choices are limitless! You can now get the full shooting fun factor out of your Colt M4 / M16 and H&K 416 .22LR tactical rifle. By using a Hughes Precision, barrel threaded adapter / converter (also known as a barrel converter, threaded adapter, muzzle coupler or muzzle coupling) end-of-barrel accessories such as a muzzle brake, flash suppressor, compensator, flash hiders, recoil compensators, moderators, sound suppressors and a multitude of other legal muzzle devises suddenly become available for use for your shooting sports enjoyment. Now you can get more versatility out of your Umarex, Colt, Walther and HK firearms.

Hughes Precision barrel threaded adapters and accessories are the only items available to sportsmen, hunters and other shooters that are manufactured in the Hughes Precision Products LLC factory. Hughes Precision customers want the best, and none of Hughes Precision’s competitors can match the quality, reliability, accuracy and performance built into every Hughes Precision firearm accessory and they are  manufactured in the Hughes Precision factory here in the U.S.A.

Colt M4-22 LR HK Walther Threaded Adapter M8 X.75 to 1/2 X 28. HK, Walther, Umarex416, Colt M4 or MP5-A5 .22 barrel converter. This threaded adapter is a direct replacement for the factory flash suppressor. Hughes manufactures the highest quality threaded adapter available today. Most note worthy, providing the metric M8 factory thread to the U.S. Standard 1/2 X 28 thread. Hughes Precisions adapter with built in wrench flats allows you to simply unscrew the factory flash hider and replace it with this Hughes Precision threaded adapter / converter on your HK, Walther, Umarex 416, Colt M4 or MP5-A5 .22 caliber firearm . That quick you are ready to start target shooting, hunting, plinking or training with your favorite threaded muzzle or barrel devises.

This Hughes Precision Products LLC threaded adapter is made for use on Umarex HK 416D, Colt M4, MP5-A5, .22 caliber rimfire firearms.  Hughes Precision threaded adapters are a must have for those that want to use a sound suppressor or other muzzle device.

 This thread adapter fits all of the following:

HK 416 .22 LR Rifles & Pistols
Colt M4 .22 LR Rifles
HK MP5 .22 LR Rifles
Umarex 416

Don’t let our competitive price fool you about the quality. Our modern manufacturing facility allows us to manufacture precision machined  firearm accessories, threaded adapter / converter and protectors at a popular prices.

Every Hughes thread adapter is CNC machined to precision tolerances. Hughes Precision threaded adapters are manufactured using AISI 4140 Alloy Steel-US (the same alloy steel used in firearm barrels). Hughes Precision threaded adapters are machined on Swiss Type CNC Lathes ensuring exact internal and external thread alignment (concentricity* and angular alignment*).

* Concentricity  is a complex tolerance used to establish a tolerance zone for the median points of a cylindrical or spherical part feature. Concentricity is generally reserved for high-precision parts, and only when there is a need to control median points.

*Angular Alignment.  Angular misalignment involves an angle just as the name implies. It occurs when one of the bore or thread axes is at an angle in relation to the other. It’s as if you have a broken tree branch; if the lines of each were extended, they would intersect, but are not parallel.

Hughes Precision Products LLC manufactures thread adapters for firearm manufacturers, firearm wholesalers, local retail gun shops and our you on-line internet customers.

 Manufactured From AISI 4140 Alloy Steel With Black Oxide (blued) Finish.

All products are manufactured by Hughes Precision Products, LLC

We only make parts for the shooting sports.

Proudly Made In Indian River, Michigan U.S.A.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in
Metric Thread



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